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Our company considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, religion, color, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

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Truck Driver

Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and a CDL. They must be able to follow directions to both harvest sites and mill sites. All drivers will be required to trim and secure loads of wood for transport on public roadways under the jurisdiction of DOT enforcement personnel. This means that drivers must know the rules and be able to comply fully when operating a company vehicle. All required personal protective equipment such as hard hats and reflective (Hi-Vis) clothing is to be used at all times. Apply Now

Logging Equipment Operator

All operators are responsible for:

  • Safe operation of machine.
  • Minor maintenance and keeping their machines clean.
  • Informing crew leaders of any problems they’re experiencing in order schedule equipment repairs or proper maintenance.
  • Observing the Zero Energy State (all blades, booms, grapples, and cutter heads must be fully lowered to the ground when dismounting the equipment).
  • Using the three-point contact system when mounting and dismounting equipment.

The three basic equipment operator positions include:

  • Feller-buncher operators or Cutter entails cutting and dropping tree stems to be readily accessible to the skidder for pulling to the loading deck. Extra care must be exercised in thinning operations so as to leave standing timber undamaged. Apply Now
  • Skidder operators are tasked with collecting felled trees and pulling them to the loading deck for limbing, sorting, and loading. Operator will be required to back loads through a limbing gate, as well as, keeping the loading deck cleared of slash and debris by blading the open areas to the bare ground. Care must be exercised in making turns to reduce damage to standing timber on tracts that are being thinned. Operators may be asked to assist drivers in moving around on the tract, whether by pulling or pushing to reduce the chance of the truck bogging down and blocking access to the site. Apply Now
  • Loader operators' basic task is to load wood onto a trailer, but the process also includes limbing, topping and sorting the available product into classes or categories for sale. Operators will interact on a daily basis with every other member of the harvest crew and with each driver who is dispatched to the tract for loading. Loader operators are responsible for making sure the drivers have the proper mill cards for the load being delivered. Apply Now


Mechanics will be tasked with the maintenance and repair of all types of company equipment. Mobile units (most equipped with lifting cranes) will be used to make repairs in the field and to perform routine maintenance. Mechanics are required to use lockout/tagout procedures at all times when working on equipment. Guarding will be maintained at all times. When welding is required, mechanics are required to follow all safety procedures, including eye protection and fire suppression. Apply Now


See the Timber Buyers for a description of these job duties. Apply Now


Job duties vary widely dependent on the task for which the employee is hired. There are positions that focus on contracts and managing the harvest crews, positions that process the purchases from mill receipts and driver logs, fleet management positions, accounting positions, human resources positions, and general administrative assistance positions. Apply Now

Safety Coordinator

The safety coordinator position is dedicated to running a company-wide comprehensive safety program. Duties include conducting monthly safety meetings with harvest crews and communicating safety concerns to drivers and other personnel through direct contact. Tracking injuries and accidents is included in the task list for the safety position, as is completing a variety of forms for submission to insurance and governmental entities. Apply Now

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