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If you own or control timberland, there will come a time when you want to sell your merchantable timber. The reasons for selling are many and the choices of how and when are infinite, but there are things you must know and remember before you sell. This is where Log Creek Timber can help. There are many ways to approach a timber sale and our company can guide you through the process.

Foresters and Wood Buyers

Careful advanced planning is an absolute must and that is where our foresters and wood buyers can make all the difference. A staff member from Log Creek Timber will assist you in navigating the steps to a successful sale by preparing a plan designed specifically for your property including an accurate estimate of the value of your stands and aerial mapping. This plan will lay out clearly the steps needed to insure that your timber investment is growing at its best.

Log Creek’s dedicated staff will help you develop a contract that outlines assurances about payment and details about the harvest including notes on road access and loading decks, procedures for incremental weather, defining protected areas like stream corridors, and how the property should look upon project completion. Our professional staff will insure continuous management during the harvest and will watch out for your best interests throughout the process.

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Log Creek uses ArcGIS software to produce detailed stand mapping that gives both the forester and the owner the best information possible to make sound management decisions.

Logging Crews

One major advantage in choosing Log Creek Timber to assist you is that our foresters and wood buyers have worked with the same logging crews for years; a relationship that results in a better overall job. Like the foresters and wood buyers, our logging crews are all TOP (Timber Operations Professional) Logger Certified and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) compliant. Log Creek harvest crews take great pride in the work they do.


Trees can be managed just like any other production crop. Spraying herbicides and other chemicals are becoming more and more common. Release spraying allows better growth due to reduced competition for light, nutrients, and water.

Fire in the Forest

Prescribed fire (or a controlled burn) is perhaps one of the best management tools a forest landowner has to produce a quality crop. Well managed and timed burns can accomplish a variety of tasks, from reducing undesirable vegetation to providing improved wildlife habitat. One critically important aspect is that a planned burn can reduce the chances of an unplanned (wildfire) burn. Management fires can be set by hand, using motorized equipment, or even by delivering the fire from a helicopter.

Attention to Details

We take great pride in being environmentally responsible and ensuring our harvest sites are kept "looking good." A site that is handled properly during the harvest is easier to replant for future production. We run the latest and most eco-friendly equipment. We use dual wheels on wet or saturated sites to spread out the weight and reduce the amount of damage to the soil surface. With strategically placed and well-kept gravel pads, we help to keep roads cleaner and safer. Cleaning up a load before it leaves the woods gives a better public impression of logging when moving the product to market and makes the load safer to transport.


Log Creek Timber is committed to safety. Not only do we follow company and industry strict safety protocols, each worker is required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Hard hats, eye and ear protection, gloves, safety shoes, and saw chaps are provided based on the job duties performed. Monthly safety meetings are conducted with each crew while in the field. Our drivers insure that loads are properly flagged and lighted. Drivers also wear PPE including reflective vests and hi-viz shirts.

Finishing the Job

Perhaps the most important reason for using our company is that the finished job will be inspected prior to the harvest crew leaving. Slash will be properly disposed of, potential erosion problems will be managed, all marked trees will be harvested, and all the terms of your contract will be reviewed one final time prior to leaving the tract. For clearcuts, there will also be a discussion about reforesting the site. Replanting will produce another great harvest in just a few years.

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