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A major part of the Log Creek Timber Company family of businesses is our trucking division, Felix Transport. We make deliveries all over the region, ensuring that our customers get the best price possible for their timber sales. We have dependable management, use quality and eco-friendly machinery, and follow the highest safety standards.

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Dependability in trucking has two meanings, one related to the company and one related to the customer and general public. Our drivers are trained to operate a well maintained truck and trailer combination in a safe manner. This is to protect the public from potential accidents and to protect the landowner from accidents that might damage their property. Management has to depend on each driver to take responsibility for their actions and to hold up the best image of the company. Likewise, we depend on the drivers to be on time and to work efficiently. This ensures that production remains at its highest level without compromising the safety of company personnel or the public.

Safety First

Safety is the number one priority for our employees. Working safely keeps production high, reduces costs, and protects the health and well-being of the drivers. Drivers are tasked with performing a twice daily vehicle inspection to monitor maintenance and safety needs.

To promote safe operations, our Dispatch Center is staffed with professionals who monitor every aspect of the fleet’s operation. Each truck and trailer are equipped with an on-board tracking system that provides real-time information on location, speed, routing, and even engine and systems operation. This monitoring system allows better and more efficient dispatching, but it also allows our maintenance staff to keep a close watch on preventive maintenance needs.

Log Creek has a staff of mechanics working in a state-of-the-art shop to insure that all needed maintenance is performed on schedule. A well-maintained vehicle or trailer is safer and more efficient to operate. Each vehicle in the fleet is routinely inspected in the shop during the preventive maintenance intervals. Every system is inspected, and repairs are performed as needed to ensure continued safe operations. Tires and brakes are a major part of routine maintenance and the company maintains a separate tire shop to keep our fleet on the road with quality tires that meet all DOT requirements. In the event of a breakdown, the company has two options. One option is to send a mobile mechanic to the scene for repairs in the field. If repairs cannot be made outside the shop, we have a heavy-duty wrecker in the fleet to tow the rig back for repairs.


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